Essential Tips for Studying

Who dislikes studying with a passion? Say I…

Quite often I find myself giving advice on how to create good study habits.

I actually don’t mind studying it’s just the anticipation of having a test and not knowing exactly what’s going to be on it. That makes my studying structure just a little bit different.

When I’m studying I like to gather all necessary information before starting. Such as what I need to study exactly. Are there key points or is it one of those study everything and hope for the best type of tests? When taking test I just want to know what’s important and what’s not.

When I study I have to set a timer and zone everything out that doesn’t involve studying. I like to be in peace and quiet ..possibly a little background noise so I don’t go crazy in my own thoughts.

Before starting I create a timeline from present time up until the day of my test. If I have 4 weeks until the test then for each week I will create myself a schedule as to what I should be studying each day that week leading up to test day.

I start by reading a chapter or section and literally rewriting what I read. I summarize of course but write down all keys parts that stick out or that are important to remember. I also take this time to take my own personal notes or write questions that I need an explanation to.

All in all I like to make flash cards, use apps, and take notes. Practicing all of these builds muscle memory which causes me to retain information easier.

An app I find very helpful is quizlet. It can be found for iPhone users I know for sure. They have a few different games/study options that allow you to study. Whether it be learning the information from scratch or studying the material.

If you have something coming up or studying currently for something the main studying tips I can give you are…

1. Make yourself a study schedule.

This consists of what you should be studying day after day week after week leading up to the big day. Do your best to stick to it especially if you’re limited on extra time because one day missed sets you back on your timeline.

2. Block out all distractions and get to a quiet space.

If you think you’ll be tempted to look at your phone literally put your phone across the room in a drawer, on top of the fridge, or leave it in the car. Do whatever works for you to focus.

3. Read, rewrite and write down key points and any questions you may have

This may sound like too much but it definitely works for me. If you can just read and retain information that’s great do what works best for you.

4. Use study apps!

They are very convenient when you don’t have your physical study packets or books on hand. You can study on the go when you have spare time.

Finally make sure you breathe and don’t stress too much. Test taking can be nerve racking especially when you have a limit on how many times you can take it or a specific percentage is needed to pass.

I hope these tips can help you in some way!

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica

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