Creativity. Consistency. Positivity.

Let’s make a pact this year that no matter what you don’t give up.


Maybe you had some goals that you wanted to accomplish last year but those goals changed once the pandemic hit and you felt like things weren’t going to happen because of the new protocols that were set in place.

Did you give up completely or start thinking outside the box?

Did you stay consistent with your goals or lose focus on the way?

Did you let the flow and events of the year altar your thought process into believing that it was the worst year ever?

Before it all started I had a whole agenda of things that were going to get done and places and people that I was going to visit. So many plans and adventures that had to go on pause for the moment.

Saying all that was just to get you to think back at how your year last year can differ from this year. Which brings me to the title of this post.

Creativity. Consistency. Positivity.

Creativity– Use your creativity to think outside the box. If you have a goal that will have to be adjusted for whatever reason then adjust it! Don’t stop or say it’s not possible.

Yes it gets discouraging when things don’t go your way or happen the way you think they will happen. It’s life but you have to keep thinking cap on and just like you came up with that original idea many more will come.

Say you wanted to start going to Zumba at your local gym.. well the gym is closed until further notice. You can either give up the thought and say you’ll wait until the gyms are back open or adjust and start thinking differently. Hop on the next zoom call and enjoy that zumba class. There will always be another way.

Consistency– Finish what you start. If you put your mind to it and start keep pushing through with even after that first urge of motivation seems to fade.

Motivation isn’t something you just wake up with everyday. However, you can train your mind and find ways to get motivated.

Positivity– Ever heard the saying “Bad things happen to good people” right? Of course you have I would actually like to rephrase it and say “Life simply happens to everyone” because it does.

Everyday will not be peachy.

A person with a positive outlook on life locking their keys in the car vs a person with a negative outlook doing the exact same thing can give you two different reactions.

A couple of weeks ago I locked my keys out of my car. I was in a rush doing things trying to get some items out of the trunk and put them away so I could get ready to go run my errands for the day and before I knew it I closed the trunk with my keys inside! Don’t ask me why I would put them there in the first place that’s besides the point.

The point is that it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. I was thankful that I had insurance and was able to get someone out in about 30 minutes which wasn’t bad at all. I was thankful I was still at home and my child wasn’t in the car. It gave me time to continue what I was doing before and taught me to slow down a bit.

We’re entering into a new month and we will be mid year before we know it. As we’re living and enjoying the present we don’t want to forget to plan for the future. So let’s review our pact shall we?

We are getting creative and letting nothing get in our way of making it happen. Let’s write down an action plan with it. What do we want to do? And how will we achieve it? We’re staying consistent despite how unmotivated we may wake up feeling any given day. And through it all we are doing our best to have a positive outlook on life. If we need that moody moment to collect ourselves then so be it but after that we wrap that up and it’s back to positive > negative.

Love always,

Ashley Le Erica

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