Potty Training 101

My daughter was potty trained in less than a week!

Potty training is just one of the many milestones we get through as parents.

This can be a stressful journey but I have some tips to share that helped me with potty training my daughter.

  • Be Patient and understanding

First things first I had no idea where to start. It is honestly was a trial and error process. After she turned one I felt it was still too early so I waited. She got her first potty seat around maybe 18 months. At this point it was just for practice and to get the hang of going to the restroom often. If you’re like me and this is your first rodeo then you need patience because this is a learning phase for you and your toddler. Understand that this is not something that happens overnight but you will get there.

  • Take them with you

Whenever I went to the restroom I had her sit on her potty. In the beginning she would use it it here and there which was exciting. I cheered and clapped to show her that she just accomplished something and I was proud. Even though she did start getting the hang of it most times she would sit and then proceed to wet her diaper right after being on the potty. Despite not grasping the concept right away she was able to watch me and see the process of using the restroom.

  • Training undies…yayy!

You think you’re ready for training undies? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure.

I begin to find a schedule and started out having her sit on the potty every 30-45min whether she went or not. After noticing less and less diaper changes throughout the day because she was able to hold her bladder a little longer I decided to go for it and buy training undies.

Now before ditching the diapers go ahead and prepare yourself that you will be cleaning up a mess here and there but it is all apart of the process.

About a month before her 3rd birthday I decided that it was time to get down to the nitty gritty and go for it. She started wearing her undies and within 2 days after cleaning a mess here and there she was telling me that she had to go potty!

Extra Tips

  • Don’t give up you got this! Try offering treats after successful missions to the restroom but still be kind without rubbing it in their face if they don’t end up using it.
  • Don’t skip diapers completely. We still wear them in public just in case and at bedtime as well.
  • Whenever leaving home be sure to have them sit on the potty before leaving even if they just recently went.
  • Keep wipes and disinfectants for public restrooms because as you probably already know most are disgusting.
  • Be encouraging to your child even when they have accidents. Let them know that it’s okay and they will get it next time.

Best wishes to you on this journey!

Don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to reach out and I would enjoy helping the best way I can!

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica

Getting the Most Out of Your Day with Kids!

To all of my parents out the especially the moms. How do you get me time?

We all know self-care and time for ourselves is important but, maybe we wake up the same time as our kiddos and perhaps from waking up in the morning to going to sleep in the evening it’s a little chaotic working, cleaning, preparing meals, playing with the kids, reading stories, hearing your name be called repeatedly , not being able to use the bathroom in peace, etc. It’s a lot!

Finding that schedule that works for you is extremely important. Everyone doesn’t have the same schedule or resources when it comes to who watches their children. Therefore coming up with a schedule that’s tailored to fitting your needs is what we’re here to do!

Oh me you ask? Well for me having a two soon to be three year old running around when I’m trying to get work done can be difficult BUT there’s always solutions.

Naps are essential. Naptime always gives me a chance to regroup. I know a lot of times people will say nap when your child naps but that doesn’t always work for me. I use that time for me to relax or get some items that I may have pending for the day completed. As my daughter got older she seemed to love the idea of going throughout the day without a nap which is okay sometimes because no nap means she will go to bed earlier so I was able to get my me time in.

Also, while in school online I like getting up early which is another idea for you. Getting up early allows me to get tasks knocked off my list before the sun is up… oh and before the child is up right? Haha I’m able to wake up and process what’s going on vs waking up to a toddler climbing on top of me and having to scurry and make breakfast and immediately tend to my Childs needs. I can get hw done, do some blogging (currently 6:20a should I add), exercise and yoga. Did I mention this is all BEFORE she wakes up!

Now whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom or a little bit of both find a schedule that works for you. Getting up early may not be the easiest if you’ve worked the night shift or vice versa. But always remember YOU are important and you have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of the little ones that need you.

Ashley Le Erica

Essential Tips for Studying

Who dislikes studying with a passion? Say I…

Quite often I find myself giving advice on how to create good study habits.

I actually don’t mind studying it’s just the anticipation of having a test and not knowing exactly what’s going to be on it. That makes my studying structure just a little bit different.

When I’m studying I like to gather all necessary information before starting. Such as what I need to study exactly. Are there key points or is it one of those study everything and hope for the best type of tests? When taking test I just want to know what’s important and what’s not.

When I study I have to set a timer and zone everything out that doesn’t involve studying. I like to be in peace and quiet ..possibly a little background noise so I don’t go crazy in my own thoughts.

Before starting I create a timeline from present time up until the day of my test. If I have 4 weeks until the test then for each week I will create myself a schedule as to what I should be studying each day that week leading up to test day.

I start by reading a chapter or section and literally rewriting what I read. I summarize of course but write down all keys parts that stick out or that are important to remember. I also take this time to take my own personal notes or write questions that I need an explanation to.

All in all I like to make flash cards, use apps, and take notes. Practicing all of these builds muscle memory which causes me to retain information easier.

An app I find very helpful is quizlet. It can be found for iPhone users I know for sure. They have a few different games/study options that allow you to study. Whether it be learning the information from scratch or studying the material.

If you have something coming up or studying currently for something the main studying tips I can give you are…

1. Make yourself a study schedule.

This consists of what you should be studying day after day week after week leading up to the big day. Do your best to stick to it especially if you’re limited on extra time because one day missed sets you back on your timeline.

2. Block out all distractions and get to a quiet space.

If you think you’ll be tempted to look at your phone literally put your phone across the room in a drawer, on top of the fridge, or leave it in the car. Do whatever works for you to focus.

3. Read, rewrite and write down key points and any questions you may have

This may sound like too much but it definitely works for me. If you can just read and retain information that’s great do what works best for you.

4. Use study apps!

They are very convenient when you don’t have your physical study packets or books on hand. You can study on the go when you have spare time.

Finally make sure you breathe and don’t stress too much. Test taking can be nerve racking especially when you have a limit on how many times you can take it or a specific percentage is needed to pass.

I hope these tips can help you in some way!

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Having a great idea and being motivated is awesome whether it’s starting a business, consistency with self care, reading, meal prepping, or just getting through the day without having a mental breakdown.

The challenge comes when you’ve been working hard and you’re motivated for a couple days and then something happens and before you know it it’s been 3-4 days where you haven’t been motivated and the time just adds on from there.

A great question to ask would be how can I keep my motivation going. How can I get up everyday with motivation?

Honestly there will be some days where you wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything and that’s okay. But, there are ways to flip the script and change that. For me personally I look at it as even if I make the slightest bit of progress in a day that’s more than if I did nothing towards my goals for that day.

Finding motivation for working out is a great example, I always had a goal of working out 3-4 times a week. There were times where I would get in a groove and be going strong for maybe a month at a time then fall short a couple days and it would go downhill from there. It was laziness because looking at it now what is a 15-30 min workout compared to the amount of time wasted in a day. I could easily spend 30 minutes strolling on social media…EASILY. When I started looking at things from that perspective my actions and thought process changed. Another reason I’m doing better at being consistent with my workouts is because I think long term I’m not getting younger and I want my future self to be in good shape and good health. I don’t want anything to prevent me from being able to keep up with my daughter at the playground or practice with her for whatever sports she might be into when she gets older. I want to play an active roll in all those activities to come without any issues I can prevent by simply working out and taking care of myself now.

The following are 3 tips that I’ve found useful in my day to day adventures that help me stay on track and motivated.

1. Plan your day

The night before review the day you just had. If you have things that didn’t get accomplished add it to the next days list and make it priority. Make a list of things that need to get done and review that list when you wake up the next morning.

Use highlighters to color coordinate and make things easier to read and sticky notes to keep things organized.

2. Set a timer

It’s easy to start a task and get distracted. Setting a timer is a game changer.

You want to read for 30 minutes? Okay cool sit down and set a timer for 30 minutes and do nothing but read. If for any reason you have to stop pause your timer so you don’t loose track.

Working out for 20 minutes? Set that timer and get to moving.

I can have a journal goal of 10 minutes and the time goes by so quickly that I add on time. My goal is to AT LEAST accomplish my goal for the day if I accomplish the minimum time I have set for myself and add on more time that’s a plus.

I actually feel that I get more accomplished sometimes when I have a timer set because in my mind I know I’m on a time limit and need to accomplish whatever I’m working on.

3. Remember your reason why

Everyone has different reasons as to why they do what they do. But YOUR mission is to find your why. If you’ve found it that’s great. For the people who feel like they’ve been struggling with being motivated ask yourself why?

Why do you want to start eating healthy? Could be to lose weight, get clearer skin, live a healthier lifestyle etc.

Why do you want to start a business? Maybe to become financially free, provide a better lifestyle for your children.

Why do you want to get a degree? Maybe to become a doctor, lawyer, or apply to a specific job.

Why why why?

It doesn’t matter what your “why” is it just matters that you have one. That why should be the thought in the back of your head that keeps you going.

If you wanted to accomplish things last year that didn’t happen make a list, make a plan of action to get that list accomplished and do your best to stay motivated. If you lose your motivation at any point take a breather (because you’re still human) and regroup and get back in the groove. But whatever you do don’t give up.

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica

Welcoming 2021 with Gratitude

2021 is here!

I know some may have different opinions on what the new year will bring. Will it be a repeat of 2020? Better or worse? Honestly who knows I think it will be exactly what you make of it.

When life happens we often have to find ways to adjust and roll with the punches. We have the ability to turn what was meant to be negative into positives by our thoughts and actions.

For me 2020 was a good year but also a challenge mentally. It had nothing to do with what was going on in the world with COVID-19 but more so what was going on in my world personally. I can truly say I have grown tremendously as a person. I realized that I had to make changes within myself and personal life in order to manifest the life that I desired. I did just that. I made changes, took action and I’ve grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally and it feels great!

I’m excited to see what’s in store for this new chapter! As the journey continues I’m welcoming 2021 with open arms. I pray that everyone is able to do the same and if you find yourself worried or not looking forward to the new year try journaling a list of things that you are grateful for because our situations could always be worse and trust me when they say that someone has it worse than you it’s true.

Bye bye 2020 and hello 2021!

Best wishes,

Ashley Le Erica