Getting the Most Out of Your Day with Kids!

To all of my parents out the especially the moms. How do you get me time?

We all know self-care and time for ourselves is important but, maybe we wake up the same time as our kiddos and perhaps from waking up in the morning to going to sleep in the evening it’s a little chaotic working, cleaning, preparing meals, playing with the kids, reading stories, hearing your name be called repeatedly , not being able to use the bathroom in peace, etc. It’s a lot!

Finding that schedule that works for you is extremely important. Everyone doesn’t have the same schedule or resources when it comes to who watches their children. Therefore coming up with a schedule that’s tailored to fitting your needs is what we’re here to do!

Oh me you ask? Well for me having a two soon to be three year old running around when I’m trying to get work done can be difficult BUT there’s always solutions.

Naps are essential. Naptime always gives me a chance to regroup. I know a lot of times people will say nap when your child naps but that doesn’t always work for me. I use that time for me to relax or get some items that I may have pending for the day completed. As my daughter got older she seemed to love the idea of going throughout the day without a nap which is okay sometimes because no nap means she will go to bed earlier so I was able to get my me time in.

Also, while in school online I like getting up early which is another idea for you. Getting up early allows me to get tasks knocked off my list before the sun is up… oh and before the child is up right? Haha I’m able to wake up and process what’s going on vs waking up to a toddler climbing on top of me and having to scurry and make breakfast and immediately tend to my Childs needs. I can get hw done, do some blogging (currently 6:20a should I add), exercise and yoga. Did I mention this is all BEFORE she wakes up!

Now whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom or a little bit of both find a schedule that works for you. Getting up early may not be the easiest if you’ve worked the night shift or vice versa. But always remember YOU are important and you have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of the little ones that need you.

Ashley Le Erica