3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Having a great idea and being motivated is awesome whether it’s starting a business, consistency with self care, reading, meal prepping, or just getting through the day without having a mental breakdown.

The challenge comes when you’ve been working hard and you’re motivated for a couple days and then something happens and before you know it it’s been 3-4 days where you haven’t been motivated and the time just adds on from there.

A great question to ask would be how can I keep my motivation going. How can I get up everyday with motivation?

Honestly there will be some days where you wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything and that’s okay. But, there are ways to flip the script and change that. For me personally I look at it as even if I make the slightest bit of progress in a day that’s more than if I did nothing towards my goals for that day.

Finding motivation for working out is a great example, I always had a goal of working out 3-4 times a week. There were times where I would get in a groove and be going strong for maybe a month at a time then fall short a couple days and it would go downhill from there. It was laziness because looking at it now what is a 15-30 min workout compared to the amount of time wasted in a day. I could easily spend 30 minutes strolling on social media…EASILY. When I started looking at things from that perspective my actions and thought process changed. Another reason I’m doing better at being consistent with my workouts is because I think long term I’m not getting younger and I want my future self to be in good shape and good health. I don’t want anything to prevent me from being able to keep up with my daughter at the playground or practice with her for whatever sports she might be into when she gets older. I want to play an active roll in all those activities to come without any issues I can prevent by simply working out and taking care of myself now.

The following are 3 tips that I’ve found useful in my day to day adventures that help me stay on track and motivated.

1. Plan your day

The night before review the day you just had. If you have things that didn’t get accomplished add it to the next days list and make it priority. Make a list of things that need to get done and review that list when you wake up the next morning.

Use highlighters to color coordinate and make things easier to read and sticky notes to keep things organized.

2. Set a timer

It’s easy to start a task and get distracted. Setting a timer is a game changer.

You want to read for 30 minutes? Okay cool sit down and set a timer for 30 minutes and do nothing but read. If for any reason you have to stop pause your timer so you don’t loose track.

Working out for 20 minutes? Set that timer and get to moving.

I can have a journal goal of 10 minutes and the time goes by so quickly that I add on time. My goal is to AT LEAST accomplish my goal for the day if I accomplish the minimum time I have set for myself and add on more time that’s a plus.

I actually feel that I get more accomplished sometimes when I have a timer set because in my mind I know I’m on a time limit and need to accomplish whatever I’m working on.

3. Remember your reason why

Everyone has different reasons as to why they do what they do. But YOUR mission is to find your why. If you’ve found it that’s great. For the people who feel like they’ve been struggling with being motivated ask yourself why?

Why do you want to start eating healthy? Could be to lose weight, get clearer skin, live a healthier lifestyle etc.

Why do you want to start a business? Maybe to become financially free, provide a better lifestyle for your children.

Why do you want to get a degree? Maybe to become a doctor, lawyer, or apply to a specific job.

Why why why?

It doesn’t matter what your “why” is it just matters that you have one. That why should be the thought in the back of your head that keeps you going.

If you wanted to accomplish things last year that didn’t happen make a list, make a plan of action to get that list accomplished and do your best to stay motivated. If you lose your motivation at any point take a breather (because you’re still human) and regroup and get back in the groove. But whatever you do don’t give up.

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica