Potty Training 101

My daughter was potty trained in less than a week!

Potty training is just one of the many milestones we get through as parents.

This can be a stressful journey but I have some tips to share that helped me with potty training my daughter.

  • Be Patient and understanding

First things first I had no idea where to start. It is honestly was a trial and error process. After she turned one I felt it was still too early so I waited. She got her first potty seat around maybe 18 months. At this point it was just for practice and to get the hang of going to the restroom often. If you’re like me and this is your first rodeo then you need patience because this is a learning phase for you and your toddler. Understand that this is not something that happens overnight but you will get there.

  • Take them with you

Whenever I went to the restroom I had her sit on her potty. In the beginning she would use it it here and there which was exciting. I cheered and clapped to show her that she just accomplished something and I was proud. Even though she did start getting the hang of it most times she would sit and then proceed to wet her diaper right after being on the potty. Despite not grasping the concept right away she was able to watch me and see the process of using the restroom.

  • Training undies…yayy!

You think you’re ready for training undies? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure.

I begin to find a schedule and started out having her sit on the potty every 30-45min whether she went or not. After noticing less and less diaper changes throughout the day because she was able to hold her bladder a little longer I decided to go for it and buy training undies.

Now before ditching the diapers go ahead and prepare yourself that you will be cleaning up a mess here and there but it is all apart of the process.

About a month before her 3rd birthday I decided that it was time to get down to the nitty gritty and go for it. She started wearing her undies and within 2 days after cleaning a mess here and there she was telling me that she had to go potty!

Extra Tips

  • Don’t give up you got this! Try offering treats after successful missions to the restroom but still be kind without rubbing it in their face if they don’t end up using it.
  • Don’t skip diapers completely. We still wear them in public just in case and at bedtime as well.
  • Whenever leaving home be sure to have them sit on the potty before leaving even if they just recently went.
  • Keep wipes and disinfectants for public restrooms because as you probably already know most are disgusting.
  • Be encouraging to your child even when they have accidents. Let them know that it’s okay and they will get it next time.

Best wishes to you on this journey!

Don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to reach out and I would enjoy helping the best way I can!

Best wishes always,

Ashley Le Erica